are our pride

«In my opinion, the culture of drinking alcoholic beverages should first of all remain a culture. That's why I have a scrupulous approach to creating cocktails. I use only high-quality ingredients and am guided by the idea of conscious consumption».

Daria Tyabutova

«Fresh natural ingredients, originality of taste and author's approach»

Konstantin Plesovskikh
creator of the cocktail menu.


Rich, juicy, strong

A balanced sweet and sour cocktail with juicy taste of Plantation pineapple rum and a soft apple sourness.



Light, floral, sparkling

A refreshing floral cocktail based on French St-Germain liqueur and dry sparkling wine with subtle minty aromas.

pink floyd

Pink Floyd

Balanced, citrus, berry

The famous gimlet cocktail with a light grapefruit bitterness and an airy cap of raspberry foam.

Daria Tyabutova

Konstantin Plesovskikh